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Over the past several months I have been developing a clear focus on where my career as a leadership development expert is heading. It relates to the title of this post. My sincere appreciation to Gail Horton of the University of Laverne for helping me to clarify this statement.

My career objective is to help you “Lead Your Life”

Whether that makes me a career coach, life coach, or a leadership coach I am not certain I care. The label is so far less important than the clarity on the direction.

Lead Your Life


You have heard me talk about leadership so much already that this word needs little introduction. Leadership always starts with a firm self knowledge and awareness. It is about being comfortable in your own skin, having a sense of peace with who you are and who you are becoming. A confident conviction to lead from this place allows us to lead and act in the face of criticism and adversity.


It is yours you know. I meet so many people who simply react to life. Its like they are an extra in a movie about their own life. To use my favorite Star Trek reference, its almost as if they want to play the role of the red shirt. You know the extra who joins the away team going to explore strange planets only to die when they encounter a threatening life form.

Are you the star of the movie called “Your Life” or are you just a red shirt where stuff just happens to you.


I look at this planet and this journey with a sense of wonder. What can I learn,who can I meet, what can I experience, what difference can I make? I cannot stand hanging out in Abraham Maslow’s basement. Okay yes I might go to his basement freezer once in a while when I am hungry. Don’t we all? My goal is simple live in the attic making a difference everywhere I go. For me building a life is about designing the movie called “My Life” and then acting it out with a smile in my heart.

This is what I do. I help people learn to lead their life.

If you want to lead your life, you need to contact me. The sooner the better. Time is a ticking.


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