Leadership Challenge: Ron Style…


Great news! After a grueling 8 months of leading an organization by day, evenings in B school obtaining an MBA and spare time split between family friends and volunteer leadership roles, I am happy to announce that I finished school and am taking the summer off. Well I am still going to lead my organization, still hanging with family and friends and still building, with your help, the Developing Leaders community.

In the next day or so you will start receiving a new series of emails that are a series of experiential leadership challenges. Not to steal the thunder of one of my favorite leadership books “The Leadership Challenge” no this is a journey of risk and fun we can take together. I tell you what, I will do all the challenges myself as well. Lead from the front… Is there any other way????

If you are wondering how you can participate, join the Developing Leaders Mailing list today! Check out the link in the bottom right side of the website

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