Leadership Coach: Ron Hurst… ACC (well almost)

Hey everyone next January I will complete a year long program through Fielding Graduate School in coaching. When complete, I will soon thereafter obtain the ACC designation (Associate Certified Coach) from the International Coaches Federation or ICF for short. I am very excited about this as it provides you with the opportunity to be coached by someone with both the practical expertise in leadership development as well as now the recognized expertise as a coach.In the mean time while I am apprenticing you are in luck. I am looking for a few new clients to coach to gain the necessary hours of coaching to qualify for this prestigious certification. I need the hours quickly and this means you have leverage.

If you have ever thought about having your own personal leadership coach, now is the time to act. For a limited time I will make my services available to the first 5 (five) Developing Leaders mailing list members who contact me at ronn dot hurst at gmail dot com.

My current clients have realized significant benefit from our coaching engagements. increased performance, improved interpersonal skills, greater leadership capacity. All are within your reach as well when you make the commitment to your personal growth.

For a limited time I am going to make it possible for you to realize the goal of you having your very own leadership coach. Imagine having a skilled leader with 17 years in the leadership trenches at your side facilitating, challenging and guiding you to greater performance. What would that be worth to your cause, your career, your family.

The initial consultation fee will be waived. This means you can check out how coaching can help you with virtually no risk. Agree that you want a coach and it gets better. We will give you a special introductory rate of $50 US per hour will be available for a 3 month period. This is far below my normal rate of $300 US /hour and is only available to mailing list subscribers. I can do this because I believe so strongly in the power of this coaching model I want to get the word out to our membership and give you the opportunity to benefit and grow your leadership capacity now. I know that once you see this model in action you will want more.

Do the math for less than $300 or $0.82 per day you can dramatically increase your leadership ability. This offer is worth over $2000 if you were paying full rate and it would be worthwhile at that rate.

Contact me soon this offer will close as soon as the 5 spots are taken.

Looking forward to our coaching engagement


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