Leadership Development, Is it a black box or What?!

Are you familiar with the phrase black box? It is a phrase used to describe a process that most people cannot understand. Rather than investing in figuring out how it works it is easier to describe it as some mystical process in a black box.

Is this what leadership development is, a black box?

The way some experts describe it I think so! Everyone seems to have their own secret recipe and for only X dollars they will reveal it to you. Others claim they have the secret sauce they will give it to you for a fee. Training companies advertise a one day comprehensive leadership training class. (one day…comprehensive? please!) Companies talk about “high potentials” behind closed doors and then stumble around what the heck to do with them from a development perspective.

Ever been called a “high potential”? I have. The best way I have found to respond… Hi! Actually my name is Ron. Great talking to you.

The reason these black boxes exist, why secret clubs of managers talk about “high potentials” behind closed doors…? They don’t know how to develop leaders!! They stumbled around in the darkness got lucky and figured some of it out for them self and they have no idea how to replicate their success.

Look leadership development is not that complicated. You, ya you, reading this right now, do you want to be a leader? Are you willing to pay the price, invest the time? If you are you can be a leader. It may not be what you dreamed of, life seldom reflects our dreams. Leadership is hard. It requires you look in the mirror deep and hard and assess what you see. Then go about a personal transformation, a growth process. Identify the areas where you need to develop and go to work.

Looking for a quick fix? Go back to Google right now, yes right now type in leadership development and quick fix and see where it takes you. Best of luck and good bye!

Right now the rest of us, leadership is an investment in yourself and your community. A couple of suggestions for starting points

  • figure out what you value
  • conduct a strengths inventory on yourself
  • seek feedback from trusted friends

Just start there and see what you discover. By all means share it with us here in the comments forum

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