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Leadership Development Training


Last Thursday I traveled to San Diego for a leadership development training event hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership. As I think back on the trip I realize I passed by numerous areas that have since been hammered by wildfires burning unabated through this region. I passed Qualcomm stadium which now resembles a refugee camp of evacuated residents.


These circumstances offer us the opportunity to deeply consider what is important in life. In fact they are a purifying test of leadership. It has often been said that crisis does not build character, it reveals it.


My hat is off to the brave firefighters of the State of California and those from around the country that have joined in this effort to protect lives and property. They truly are heroes, the leaders of the day.  


Yesterday driving down a local freeway I saw fire trucks in formation from different counties in California heading toward the danger. Five from Santa Barbara followed by another five from San Francisco. As they passed I wanted to salute them, to thank them for their service and bravery. In the end all I could do is wave a “Thanks!” and hope they understood. This is the essence of leadership, the ability to lean into danger and serve, thinking less of yourself than the objective you seek to achieve. As Jim Kouzes said last Thursday at the Leadership development training, “Leaders serve and sacrifice”


Lead well



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