Leadership is about Performance. Performance is about Feedback

Was reading an article on LinkedIn this morning on performance management. For me this is a critical component of effective leadership. You may consider it a “management” role, but I consider it a crucial component of leadership. Feedback of the performance type is intimately tied to motivation. Doing this poorly or not at all is in my opinion and the Gallup organization’s research a core reason why your employees are disengaged. In Gallup’s 12 questions that predict employee engagement at least 5 of their 12 relate directly back to performance feedback.

The linked In article was rather good and comprehensive. Here is a link to it.

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the importance of feedback to leadership. Enjoy

The criticisms on performance management are many. I think if we stop and ask why we do them in the first place we would realize there is one primary reason. To drive organizational performance. Yet the tired old painful processes most companies use are ineffective at achieving this primary goal.

For me the biggest challenge is addressed in your article in that performance management is not a yearly process but a daily one. If we had a simple integrated performance system then the yearly review becomes a milestone where the manager and employee formalize a yearlong process. Both walk in understanding what it will say because it has already been said.

Real performance management is about daily feedback, weekly performance discussions (one on ones) regular coaching for enhanced performance and quarterly check ins (not just the yearly formality!). With this done where is the surprise, where is the pain?

Oh ya the manager who claims they don’t have time for this. Really you don’t have time as a manager to get results through your employees. You don’t have time to ensure they understand the role expectations. You don’t have time to delegate effectively? You don’t have time to do course corrections? You don’t have time to meet and communicate with tour employees? Umm you’re a manager right???



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