Leadership = Sales: Break!

Hey everyone

We decided that in honor of the American memorial day holiday to take a few days down here at develop a leader dot com. We are back though and ready to talk about important issues.

Today we will look briefly at the new linked in quesion: Is sales and leadership the same thing?

In total we received 42 answers slightly better than the last question. although there were a number of token advertisements for consulting services. We expected this. After all people got to sell right?!

Over the past few days of down time (well you didn’t expect us to do take a complete holiday did you?) we sorted through the answers and identified a number that will be shared. Can you believe the words trust, integrity and empathy came up in this important discussion? They did and we will be sharing how.

In the mean time get ready to comment, there are some very talented people about to offer their perspective on our discussion.

Sell well

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