Leadership = Sales: Emotion

So we have written about relationships, we have written about reframing the problem and we have written about adding value. Are you starting to track with me that you can develop your ability in sales the same way we conduct leadership development? Is it coming into focus?

Well I have one more argument I hope to persuade you with. It gets back to a Zig Ziglar’s quote that sales is about a transference of emotion. Remember that one? This too has a definite parallel in leadership. As a sales professional you convey the value the customer will receive, the satisfaction they will realize through the purchase, the peace of mind they get with the product reliability, the confidence they will have in the quality.

In leadership we talk about the end goal, the realization of the vision. Masterful leaders will paint a picture of what the end goal looks like, the benefits the team will enjoy, the satisfaction they will experience their new future roles, the comfort they will realize in knowing the process they will take to get there. All of these realizations are conveyed through the leader, through their voice, through their reputation, through their integrity and their actions.

A respected and trusted leader will sell his team on the future convincing them that the pain of not moving is greater than the uncertainty and fear of moving forward.

Just as a salesman will convince his customer that the frustration today of not having this product is greater than the uncertainty they have in how the new product will solve their current problems.

Influence everyone that is what we are talking about here, how do we influence others to agree with an end result that will benefit both them and us.

Soon we will talk about the methods of influence we have at our disposal to get the sale, lead the team.

Sell well


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