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Last week I was interviewed by a student from my grad school. One of her questions was how do you train leaders? I looked at her with a mixture of surprise and contempt. I don’t train leaders, nor do I send them away for day long leadership seminars that promise to stamp out a leader at the end of the day.

Leadership is a hard fought and gained experiential process. We learn to lead by doing, by cutting feedback, by reflection, by failure, by disappointment. Mixed in to this is the odd triumph, a win here and there. Enough hope to keep us striving toward success.  There are a few organizations whose leadership seminars I would trust but most I have no use for.

A quality guru named Edwards Deming once mentioned a plan do check act cycle. This is a better model of leadership development than most training courses you could attend.

But then you could always find yourself a good leadership coach…

Lead well

Leadership coach Ron ;-)

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