Leadership Skills

What leadership skill would you work on if you could only choose one?

I would improve my ability to communicate.

Not in the traditional sense. I would first learn to listen and understand others. Want a great way to do so? Pick a worthy cause where the disadvantaged are. You can make a difference in others lives and at the same time learn to listen and hopefully develop a sense of empathy. I am not suggesting you be manipulative here, on the contrary, invest in your community. You will be surprised how much you are given when you have no expectation of return yourself.

Learn to speak.

Start a blog. Join toast masters. Take a minor leadership role in your volunteer activity above. Speaking on behalf of others is a powerful way to advocate and live the passion of a worthy cause.

Ask for feedback.

How else did you think you would improve a leadership skill. Ask someone you trust to give you feedback. If they hesitate, perhaps they do not feel you could accept their opinion with out hurt feelings… That would be another thing to deal with, another post.

Lead well


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