Linked In Leadership: 35 and Counting

Hey everyone, have you weighed in yet? So far 35 people have commented on the Linked In question. It will be open till Friday so get in the game. It is a fascinating mix of responses. I have responded to all 35 and with many I have asked their permission to share with you what we are learning. One person I have even asked to write an article for the blog, their response was that good! I sure hope they say yes.

So what am I reading? Well some people did an excellent job answering the question, others wanted to be coy, others advertised their business offer (some very good offers I might add) while others practiced healthy self disclosure. I remain fascinated by the fact that several felt compelled to mention they believed leaders are born not made. I guess they were saying in not so many words,

WHY are you asking this redundant question again!? 

Well because you are wrong and leadership development is a critical and wise investment of our time and resources. I am not lazy I am a learning leader ;-)

Overall it is making for some fun exchanges and a number of new Linked In contacts. What you did not think I could post without some leadership advice did you?! Always build your network you just never know how you might be able to help the next contact.

lead well


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