Linked In Leadership: An exchange with Joel Landoe

Our next contributor to the leadership development question is Joel Landoe. Joel is a supplier quality engineer in the aerospace industry in the pacific north west. If you get a moment check out Joel’s blog over at blogger. I found it a bit eclectic but well written and a good read, Vision 2012. Joel took a very interesting approach to the question, at least for an engineer. Now before anyone gets their nose out of joint thinking I am picking on engineers relax I am one myself and I get them. Joel discussed in his opinion the significance of the heart’s role in leadership.

A true leader is driven/motivated/animated by the heart, not by the head.

His words made me think of authenticity and integrity and at the same time passion but that’s me.

Leader-ship is an apprentice-ship, that is gained by observing, then doing. It becomes apparent that a true leader is not neccessarily book-wise. A true leader will concede intellectual defeat in many instances so he can remain true to his heart.

Joel speaks of an alignment and wholeness in which the heart can emerge and play a large role in leading. You can learn many things and learning them does not in of itself make a person a leader. There is a convergence of knowledge, experience, character and passion that helps a person become a leader.

Joel then offered some very wise advice to the would be leader;

If a person wants to become a leader, he should first find out what it takes to cultivate the heart. Try not to get caught up in the words…or in the learning of “leadership”, but rather, learn to subject all mental and physical abilities, to the heart. The heart will lead you, then you will learn to listen with it, to speak from it, and to follow it in everything you do. When you do that you will begin to understand the “minimum requirement” of becoming a true leader, to have a heart. Then you will have a foundation to build upon made from real life experience, which nobody can add to or take away from.

Listening with your heart… Have you heard of this? It is a profound statement and one that as peculiar as it may sound is possible. It hints at a spiritual aspect of leadership that most people consider taboo. For the courageous it is at the heart of our leadership energy and passion. Connecting who we are at the deepest level with a noble cause is the purpose of leadership to begin with. I really appreciated Jeol bringing the idea of listening with your heart into this discussion of leadership development.

Is this an easy thing to do?

Certainly not but it is possible.

How do we get there?

Well we begin to listen to our inner self discover who we are inside. We move from there to purpose and learning why we are here and from there into execution of our leadership charge.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your own leadership ability get in the game. Comment on the blog, offer your own post, contact me directly at

Lead well


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