Linked In Leadership: An exchange with Michael Salogga

Well this time the conversation took a bit of a turn. Less a position on the born versus made deal and more about life and the real perspective of change. Michael Salogga,

the General Manager at Tracks & Trails in Grand Junction Colorado also weighed in on the question how do you develop yourself as a leader. Before he made his point he was sure to share a wonderful quote and caution to the product offer of all us leadership coaches and consultants.

“There are a number of sources out there and frankly I think that many are just a way to suction out your wallet.”

I hear you Michael, helping people waste their money is the last thing I want to do. Maybe I should quote one of my heroes Zig Ziglar and his famous quote

“If you just help enough other people get want they want you will get what you want”

Yes sir that is my plan!

Well I loved what Michael had to say. He echoed some of the comments of our previous guest Suresh. There are the common themes of taking risks, making mistakes, and relating to others Michael was up on each of these. This is not what drew me to his comments though. Michael gets it. Leadership is about time in the role and learning from experience. It is about approaching situations and opportunities with the spirit of a child.

“I’ve found that the more I rely on being a curious as a child about everything helps others to see that while you may not have all the answers, hopefully you can help others seek the answers together.”

I loved this comment it is so on point with what leadership is a pure and transparent activity with noble purpose.

Finally Michael reiterates the call of leadership and its most important legacy to mentor and grow the next generation of leaders. For me talking to a wise soul who gets what leadership development means is a rare thrill, thank you Michael. Keep learning keep leading.

Lead well


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