Linked In Leadership: An Exchange with Patrick Merg

The next exchange took place with Patrick Merg a program manager in the San Francisco bay area. Patrick shared a unique perspective that blended technology with self reflection and service.

 I use webinars, audio books, mentoring, observation (seeing what works and more importantly what does not work) and experience. I’m learning more about myself and how I can serve others on a daily basis.


It is important to recognize that you have to know what works for you. This was the whole point of my question. What works for one person may be downright stupid for another to try. You can see for instance that even now three discussions in we have a broad array of leadership development methods.


Yet even in the variety there are patterns emerging. People really are not that different when you get down to it. So here Patrick mentions the use of reflection and self knowledge. We saw that trend emerging in the words of Suresh and will see it again trust me. He also mentions experience, another common theme from our other guests.


Patrick mentions service though. Service is a profound word that has a deep meaning to a leader. This is the heart of a truly great leader as they recognize that their role is not one of entitlement but of responsibility. The leader is given the right to lead and takes on the care of the group as a whole. Having the heart of a servant and the fire of a leader is the mix that creates greatness.


Finally technology; Patrick mentions the use of webinars and audio or e books. In our follow up discussion he mentioned other technology answers as well. The Ipod revolution is one I am captivated by. Five years ago I read over one hundred books per year. Two years ago I got an Ipod. Today read 20-30 books a year and listen to approximately 600 podcasts a year. The hundred books were typically in three categories leadership, fiction and faith. The 600 podcasts cover these plus history, technology, comedy, business, entrepreneurism, marketing and motivation. This little thing rocked my learning world. It did for Patrick as well. Learning is a life blood of an effective leader as you will know if you are on the Developing Leaders mailing list.


My thanks to Patrick for his insight and to you for your comments and visits.


Lead well



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