Linked In Leadership: An Exchange with Terrence Seamon

Today we pick up the conversation with Terrence Seamon. Terry is a coach and blogger from New Jersey. I interviewed Terry on “A Leaders Purpose” a few months back and was pleased that he entered into this discussion. You can read the previous interview on our partner blog material leadership. Terry and I had a great conversation that day diving into the aspects of how coaches help others discover their purpose. That was a captivating conversation. Go have a read, you will love it. If you want to learn more about Terry you can also check out his blog at the learning voyager.We are not here today to talk about purpose rather development. What did Terry have to say about this? Well in his usual way Terry was able to get to the essence of his method with few words. His process is one of reflection and expression.

    “For me, the approach is mainly reflecting on my experiences and writing about them”

We have heard this theme before of reflection. Most effective leaders I have encountered have learned along the way that processing their interactions and asking what went well, what could be improved is a highly effective improvement tool. In the absence of real external feedback, this can be a life saver. So if you are not getting external feedback critique yourself. Of course you will need to know what external clues to use to gain information on how you are interacting. The body language and tone of others is an excellent place to start. Someone agreeing with a seemingly defeated tone and a look of resignation is more likely to imply they gave up on trying to resist your dumb idea than being in favor of implementation.

The other theme here of expression is an interesting one. Expression, writing, hmmm ringing any “BLOG” bells?! I could not agree more with this one. Being able to convey a concept to others through writing is not as easy as it may seem. Doing so with skill is an acquired talent for most of us and a noble one to pursue. You may recall that communication is a core skill of leadership that we have discussed often were at develop a leader dot com. Unfortunately the written word in our day has lost some of its luster being replaced with email and texting. A leader who masters the written word will always be listened to.

Terry concluded his remarks with a concept he calls a wisdom walk. He will go off with a trusted colleague or loved one and bounce ideas off of them seeking input and a reality check. I love this idea and often do the same on long vacation drives. This proactive form of feedback is an excellent way to test out your ideas before launching them on a larger scale.

Well that’s all for now. Reflect, express, seek wisdom greaadvice from a tested leadership coach.

Thanks Terry

Lead well


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