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Yves Hanoulle

The next participant in our discussion on how leaders develop themselves is Yves Hanoulle. Yves is actually a leadership coach based in Belgium.

How does Yves develop himself as a leader? Well his advice is very straight forward. He recommends reading from good leadership books every day and taking training courses from reputable sources. In addition to this Yves mentions the importance of learning how to listen effectively.


Follow a four year training on learning to better listen to people

Now as I mentioned Yves is a coach who develops leaders his ability to center on this critical aspect of leadership serves as verification that his approach is similar to ours here at develop a leader dot com. If you want to find out more about Yves coaching program you can check it out here at Pair Coaching.

It seems that here at developing leaders we are always talking about the absolute critical nature of leadership communications in leadership development. This is no surprise, we simply must be able to convey our vision and our passion for the cause, we must be able to provide both encouraging and correcting feedback, we must be able to influence others both in and out of our organization.

Let me end this post with some of Yves advice to the developing leaders out there…

“Find good coaches”

Cool advice!

Lead well

Leadership coach Ron ;-)

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