Linked In Leadership: Next…Sujatha Das

Well after a well deserved break we are baack talking about how real leaders develop themselves. Do they use leadership training or more traditional leadership development techniques such as mentoring, education, coaching etc.

Our next guest on this series is Sujatha Das. Sujatha hails from India and is a corporate manager of people development. Unlike previous commentators this time we get a more strategic response.

An approach has to be chosen on a situational basis.”

Knowing what we need is a critical dimension for the developing leader. You remember the old saying that if the only tool in your tool belt is a hammer every problem tends to look like a nail? Well the perspective presented here is exactly the medicine to combat this disease. A leader must take stock of their won competencies. This may require candid feedback from a trusted colleague. With this in hand we stand a better chance of actually figuring out how to approach a growth opportunity. We will know what we can and cannot see for ourselves and where we can focus our growth. I have heard it said that the start of learning is to become conscious of your own ignorance. This is exactly where learning begins. We can then deploy the right situationally appropriate resources to develop where exactly we need to.

This post will end with Sujatha’s wisely spoken words…

I strongly believe that as a leader, we must find what suits when and take this up.

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