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Creating the Architecture of Leadership in a World, Workplace and Marketplace of Change, Challenges, Volatility and Crises

By Irene Rivka Becker, Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It,

Are you ready to build the architecture of business, personal and inter-personal leadership?  Or, will you lead or will you follow the Pied Piper of discouragement and fear that leads the breaking news we ingest on a daily basis?

This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that “Mortgage Giants Take Beating on Fears over Loan Defaults”.  Fear is around us, and it is growing.  Whether we are afraid of the personal and collective impact of gas prices, the recession that is upon us, the geo-political and eco challenges that surround us, or simply the insidious erosion of job security, family life, quality of life and relationships, fear is here.


Can we lead from fear, can we lead from discouragement, can we lead from a place of complacency or hopelessness? Leadership cannot be realized in leading from our fears, nor from a place of discouragement.  However, the reality of a world, workplace and marketplace that is increasingly volatile, the impact of great challenges can easily blind us to our power to lead. And, leadership is not simply learned it is lived, it is acquired at the front lines of battle. For it is at the front line of the individual and collective challenges and even crises we face that we learn to build the foundation of leadership:

The imperative to stand up to the challenge of business, personal and inter-personal leadership is something we can accept or not.  It is a challenge, but I would say to you that it is a challenge that is worth our greatest effort.  And, amazingly when we have the courage to lead with our strengths, the courage to learn how to transform the changes and even crises we face into a positive catalyst for our true power and potential we become not only change agents, but change leaders; and, in so doing we inspire others to lead rather than follow, to move past fear and step into their greatest courage and power.


Leadership, business leadership, personal leadership and inter-personal leadership are all build upon an architecture that is simple but powerful.  Over the next several days you will learn about the seven steps, the seven pillars that create the architecture of leadership in a world, workplace and marketplace of intense volatility, change and crisis.


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