Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better: Wrap Up.

Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without determination, or without courage.  Today, the determination and courage to build business, personal and inter-personal leadership is not important it is critical.  Engaging this determination, actualizing this determination requires a bit of pixie dust.  Pixie dust born of hope, pixie dust born of that intangible but critical desire to contribute by not losing touch with our true power to effective positive change, to collaborate together to build and sustain a better human, personal and business bottom line.  The determination to aspire to our greatest good in our relationships, the greatest good in our work, the greatest strength in moving away from fear and discouragement by finding that pixie dust, tapping into the hope that we can make a difference and will.  That spark that is the soul of leadership, and one that we can chose to re-ignite if we are ready to take the road less traveled.  With great leadership comes great responsibility to stand at the front lines of battle with the conviction to win the war.  And, the greatest war we fight is from inside out.  The greatest battle we face is to inspire, engage and lead the best in ourselves by building our Q3 strengths so that we can in turn inspire, engage and lead others who in turn lead vertically and horizontally in their lives and organizations.

Do you want to build greater business, personal or inter-personal leadership? Are you ready to really build and sustain the seven pillars, the architecture of business, personal and interpersonal leadership in your work and life?
  Are you ready to use your strengths as well as the changes and crises you face to build Q3 Power; the power of your intellect, emotional intelligence and spiritual quotient?  Leadership is a choice, and it is one of the most difficult choices one can make because it clearly means taking the road less traveled, and it means developing courage when others have lost theirs, determination when few have it because it is far easier to manage than to lead.  It is far easier to become complacent or discouraged by the multiplicity of challenges and crises we face on an individual and collective basis.  But, easier is not necessarily better, and the easy path is not the one that can help us fill our pocketbooks and our souls. 

How can you develop the architecture of leadership?  How can you build AND sustain these seven pillars of leadership?  There are no cookie cutter tools and strategies that work for each individual because we each have our unique set of strengths and challenges, helping a client to lead better and happier is the coachable moment that is best addressed in individual or group coaching….HOWEVER, there are simple tools, simple guidelines that can be of service, and I will address them in my forthcoming blogs! 

Thanks to Irene for this excellent inspiring coverage of leadership development. If you want to talk to Irene, ask her a question, learn more about her: Post a comment on her posts, or learn more about her on her coaches corner page Irene Becker

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