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Every now and again I like to share what I am reading and listening to as often this will influence my perspective on the blog. Today I want to share three resources that all have a management flavor. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a leader or manager more often than not we are both. In fact it is very hard to be a good manager without being a decent leader. Interestingly it is possible to be a good leader and not be in a manager role but again you will need decent management skills to progress as a leader.

So with that said here are a few of my favorite sources for management content.

Several months ago on one of my favorite podcasts, the cranky middle manager, I listened to an interview of Wally Bock. Wally is a retired general from the US army and a very good management / leadership consultant. Wally’s Three Star leadership blog is one of my regular reads as is his newsletter.

On his site he provides real world advice to those of us trying to manage people every day. He writes from a get it done perspective not from theory. I particularly like his newsletters that offer sound advice within interesting eclectic stories.

While we are on the subject of management, I also want to share another favorite podcast. Manager Tools is arguably the best podcast for managers. I listen to this cast each week and come away better for it. Much of the advice I have received from this cast I have successfully integrated into my management style to great effect.

I am regularly blown away by the fact that the content is free. The value is so high here that it boggles the mind seriously. The podcast is run by two guys Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne. Both have extensive experience in management and consulting. They have an ease of conveying information from their own experience that is unmatched. Put simply if you had time to listen to only one source for management coaching, choose this one. It is that good.

Late Add on!

Hey everyone I got some feedback from my buddy Wayne over at the Cranky Middle Manager and true to form he offered a bit of constructive feedback. I highly recommend that you listen to his podcast as well (I thought this was implied but better a shameless plug for a friend). Wayne does an excellent job of reading books on leadership, project management, and other topics and then interviewing the authors of what he reads on his show. He asks the kinds of questions that you want answered so check his show out as well at the cranky middle manager ;-)

Manage well


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One comment on “Management Resources
  1. Wayne Turmel says:

    Ron, thanks for mentioning my interview with Wally Bock. 145 interviews later it’s one of my favorites and he’s a smart guy. I also applaud your support of Manager Tools. Mark and Mike do great work…..but you couldn’t ask people to listen to two podcasts????? Oh well.

    Don’t let the weasels get you down.

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