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The past two days I had an almost indescribeable opportunity. But then this is a blog right so I will attempt to describe it anyway.

I attended a Manager Tools conference. What the heck is a manager tools conference you ask.

Manager Tools is a website, podcast and management consulting company. The founders Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman have embraced the web 2.0 model and through it built the top business podcast on the web and on iTunes. Each with 25+ years of senior management experience and executive coaching Mike and Mark provide effective practical advice on how to manage. You just cannot get this type advice anywhere. Imagine listening to a 30 minute podcast on your commute, walking into your office and applying the content of the podcast in your first interaction with a direct report that morning to positive effect. That is manager tools. I am one of over 40,000 people who listen, learn and apply their wisdom. This is not rocket science it is practical comon sense tested advice that works.

That is manager tools but a conference? Yes Tuesday and Wednesday I attended Mike and Mark’s first effective communications conference. This was a perfect blend of wise candid advice delivered with unmistakable energy and enthusiasm along with practical exercises to apply the concepts. when we started tuesday am I listened like a sponge taking in everything I could. Please understand these guys are virtual mentors and frankly men I admire greatly. (If developing leaders has only a fraction of the success they have achieved I would be thrilled.) Well by wednesday afternoon the concepts they were discussing had become close to second nature.I was blown away by the power of what they had taught me. What was even cooler was that I was not alone. The other 60 managers in attendance also “got it”

The core of the conference was applying the DISC preferences model to tailor communications to the needs of the listener and in doing so increase your commuication effectiveness. What leader wouldn’t want to improve in this area…

I don’t do this often but I highly encourage anyone who wants to learn how to improve their management effectivenss to check out Mark and mike’s site at

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    Thanks for the kind words! Glad you were with us, and share our passion for developing managers and leaders.

    Mark Horstman
    Manager Tools

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