Navy Leadership Development

Navy Leadership Development


Saturday the Naval Academy beat Notre Dame for the first time since the 1960’s, a 43 year record. I chuckled while in triple over time Notre Dame unsuccessfully tried to run the ball on a two point conversion try. In case you are wondering my Division III school doesn’t hit the Saturday radar. I love the University of Michigan. Go Blue (beat the Division II Schools!!!!)


Great for Navy, not so great for Notre Dame. Why do I mention this game in a blog dedicated to leadership development? Has it got to do with Navy leadership development? No. Actually I have a different point to make. Leadership development takes time and experience, real life experience. When the current coach of Notre Dame, Charlie Weiss, took over in 2004, he inherited a team built on the vision of the previous coach, Tyrone Willingham. They did rather well the next year going 9-2 then 10-2 the year after. The impact of their current coach was not felt completely until at least two years in. By that time, it was his systems, his recruits his philosophy of leadership. Result? 2007 record 1-8 so far. Mr. Weiss is a very good coach and I am sure he will turn this around. The point is easy to make though that leadership development, like building a football team takes time.


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