New Week, New Goal: Meet four Leaders Looking to Develop themselves

Developing Leaders is going to make an insane offer to you. If you are one of the first four leaders to contact me we are going to give you an hour of coaching at a stupidly insane price.

You see we firmly believe in the power of goals as a primary internal motivator and we set a goal this week to meet 4 leaders interested in growing their abilities.

We are certain that we will achieve the goal and yet we decided to make this offer because you deserve it. We will meet a number of leaders in person, however there are several leaders around the world that we will not so easily contact.

Our goal is to meet you and provide you an hour of coaching at an insanely low price.

Coaching is so powerful that we regularly see a leaders life and performance change in a few short hours. Because so few leaders out there have taken advantage of leadership coaching we believe that within one hour you will make significant progress. In fact we guaruntee it and will offer a money back guarantee.

How can we be so certain?

Coaching is that powerful.

Besides you haven’t heard the price yet…

This first hour of leadership coaching will be delivered by an ICF certified coach. We will go through the process of connecting, determining a goal for our time then invest in you to grow your porential. When complete you will have action items that will lead to your direct growth as a leader.

What will cost you?


The risk of a phone call or email.

Warren Bennis professor at USC and a recognized expert on leadership says that leaders are “Daring”, they take calculated risks. Well I taking away most of the risk associated with this offer. Your time plus a ridiculous monetary contribution.

Its time for you to be daring. Make the call send the email. Take me up on this ridiculous offer.

The cost to you US $1.00

Yes thats right for less than a cup of coffee you can get this one time leadership coaching offer just because we want to hit our goal of meeting four leaders this week.

Call or email by Aug 24th 6 pm pacific
(nine o nine) seven two eight – three five five seven

6:01 and its done over gone au revoir!

Lead well


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