NFC Championship Game and Fedex Ground Again!

Once again Fedex’s Marketing department hit a homerun with me (or perhaps scored a touchdown?). Midway through the NFC championship game, another Fedex commercial comes on. I really had not expected another new commercial and it caught me off guard as a result. As a leadership coach my ears perked up as the scene takes shape. A trainer standing in front of a team of office workers. The trainer holds a rodent in the palm of his hand. He explains that it is a lemming. He gently coaches the team to recognize that they are no longer going to be followers but leaders in their industry. In fact they have just decided to use Fedex Ground for their shipping (of course).

Just then the Lemming is startled (as a Fedex employee opens the conference room door) and scurries out of the trainers hand and across the floor. The employees immediately join the lemming on the floor following it as it races away. The trainer is left shaking his head. As the scene fades the Fedex employee states “It’s a process”

I love this video. If I could buy it from Fedex and use it as the core of a leadership training course I would. Genius, this commercial is genius. Leadership development is a process. As any other growth based activity we need to become aware of who we are, where we are going, what our purpose is and then learn how to pursue it. No more lemmings!

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