Phew!!! The Site is back!

Earlier this week I encountered a techno weenie error that took Developing Leaders down. I have to tell you I hate all things computer other than using them when they make a job easier. All the ftp and html and php stuff is enough to make my head explode. Luckily I have a good hosting company in Powweb. They got me back up and running with minimal effort. A file path was incorrect. Uh huh like I would ever figure that out!

Well what can we learn from this that relates to us as leaders.

Know your strengths and stick too them.

When you know you are venturing into an area where you have no expertise get over yourself and ask for help. This is not just limited to the world of techno weenieism no this is a key leadership tool. An effective leader knows that he must surround himself with people who compliment him. No I do not mean brown nosers I mean people who have strengths in areas that the leader is deficient in.

In the mean time I need to find me someone who gets all this technical stuff so I can do what I do best lead and help others do the same.

lead well


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