Recommended Leadership Products

One of the best animated movies made and a sure leadership classic for its story of redemption and overcoming adversity

Leadership and Self Development

A leadership classic. Well organized, thorough and useful for self development

I believe every leader must be emotionally intelligent. This is an important reference on that journey.

Arguably my favorite leadership book for its clear, appraochable yet complete style, Warren Bennis is a master and this is an important book

One of my favorite leadership books for its discussion of influence, principles, values, and abundance mentality. Its counterpart a new paradigm in approaching effectiveness.

If we include these two then we have to throw in 7 habits where it all began. A great read for personal development.

This book walks you through how you can walk through life’s challenges in healthy constructive ways.

Learning and the Organization

This is a classic book that is a must read for those who lead within organizations. This book and the accompanying field guide walk you through the challenges of learning and how to address and overcome them on the way to a learning organization

A classic book on goals and managing priorities.

A great resource for those looking to learn from their mistake

As much as I love John’s books they do not often hit my recommendation list, this one though is important and a necessary read.

This is one of my top five leadership resources. Arguably the most complete reference and workbook on the subject.

I believe the original one minute manager is out of print but this is an excellent upgrade!

Here is a management classic no leader should be without. Read it often! Drucker got leadership better than most realize…

A great book by Warren Bennis and Robert Thomas. I appreciate the crucible concept and the role it plays in leadership development.

Daniel Pinks excellent book that makes you wonder if your job is secure or better yet do you even want a “job”.


This one of the most influential “management” book I have read. I think every leader should be required to read this before they are given their opportunity to lead.

A Ken Blanchard classic. IT is a short yet powerful read.

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