Sales = leadership: Christopher Sorge’s Opinion is…

Christopher Sorge

Our next guest to the Linked In sales question is Christopher Sorge. Christopher is a banking professional from Pennsylvania. Christopher’s answer focused more on where leadership and sales diverge. He expanded on the differences between the roles rather than the similarities.

In my opinion, the two roles are very dynamic but their end goals maybe entirely divergent. What I mean by this is a sales person is driven to make sales and pursue relationships. While a manager is driven on the bottom line.

He does see some similarities as well

They are similar in that they involve the use of organizational skills, interpersonal skills, & the implementation of sociology & psychology

I think what Christopher is saying is that the influence exerted by a leader within an organization is similar to the persuasion exerted by a sales professional with his customer.

Managers are most often influenced more so by their respective organizations and sales professionals are most influenced by their customers.

So another perspective comes in demonstrating similarity and differences. Good well it was the influence thing we were interested in investigating anyway.

Sell well

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