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Sales and Leadership

Several Years ago I wrote a series of posts linking Leadership and sales together. I wanted to know if they were in any regard similar activities. At the time I concluded that they did in fact have a number of

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The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Week 3…Closing in on Something

Our last post discussed the importance of strategy and goal setting in the development of a successful business. It also gave you some good advice on present moment awareness. In this post we continue to the discussion on strategy and

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The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Week 2 Strategic Planning

Week 1 was a blur of new experiences, new stressors, ambiguity and much unknown. Week 2 in contrast was relatively easy. Week 2 I had the opportunity to travel back east and conduct a technical training as part of my

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Born Salespeople Don’t = Born Leaders

Sales=Leadership – My2Cents The topic ‘Sales=Leadership’ is absolutely fascinating to me, both as a student of Leadership & Management, and someone who had never really stepped fully into a sales role – until one year ago last month, when that

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Sales = leadership: Flyn Penoyer’s Opinion

Today’s commenter on our question, are sales and leadership really the same thing is Flyn Penoyer. Flyn is a trainer and coach and inside sales expert from the California Bay area. Flyn took a similar perspective to our other commentors

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Sales = leadership: What does Kenneth Lund Say?

Our first quoted participant in the Linked In Sales question is Kenneth Lund. Kenneth is a commercial account manager in Oslo Norway. I love this first response to our sales equals leadership question at Linked In. Why? I love it

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Sales = Leadership? Linked In Style

Well the question is now closed and we have a number of opinions to sort through. A number of people allowed me to quote them while some did not. So some will get credit and quoted while others will be

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Linked In Leadership: Next…Sujatha Das

Well after a well deserved break we are baack talking about how real leaders develop themselves. Do they use leadership training or more traditional leadership development techniques such as mentoring, education, coaching etc. Our next guest on this series is

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Leadership = Sales: Break!

Hey everyone We decided that in honor of the American memorial day holiday to take a few days down here at develop a leader dot com. We are back though and ready to talk about important issues. Today we will

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Leadership = Sales: Does it really?

Well For the past week our opinion of the similarities on leadership attributes and sales attributes have been discussed. There really are some remarkable similarities. We believe that a leader can take a lesson or two from a sales professional

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