The Complete Leader

What is the complete leader?

This is a model I have been working on for the past 5 years. Essentially the model reflects the simplicity and complexity that is leadership. A leader is not a cookie cutter set of skills and attributes that you collect like boy scout badges.

NO! leadership is a unique combination of attributes, unique to the individual leader. Leadership happens in a specific context that no two leaders face identically.

So to be a complete leader we must discover who we are as a person. Then we dig deeper to learn what our skills and potential leadership attributes are. We then leverage these to develop our own leadership perspective and voice.

This is the complete leader, a unique person who understands who they are and what the leadership context they face is. No two are alike, no two will reach their potential the same way.In the Complete Leader model we will discover how we best develop ourselves as leaders and leverage these aspects to their maximum.

The first two segments of the Complete Leader Model are nearing completion. Order your copy today!

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