The End of the Yankees???

I am not much of a baseball fan but today marked an important milestone. The New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays in their last home opener at Yankee stadium. Here is the link to the New York Times story if you want the details.

I am from Toronto and have always had a soft spot for the Jays but really have not been much of a fan since the last big baseball strike. I do kind of like the Yankees as a dear friend of mine from Brooklyn recently bought me a hat. Remember I said I am not much of a baseball fan. I am a big baseball cap fan though.

What the heck does a baseball score have to do with leadership? Glad you asked.


Endings are important. It’s kind of like why that ridiculous gaudy ball in Times Square means so much on New Years ever. It’s why Dick Clark is such a timeless icon (how old is he now 120?) Anyway it is about making the end of a span of time with a celebration, an event. Steinbrenner was masterful in placing a countdown in his office indicating only 80 more games in Yankee stadium. For die hard baseball fans (not me) the premium on those last eighty games just increased. Only 80 chances left to experience the timeless wonder of the national pastime in its most storied institution. For the Yankee fans only 80 more games to reminisce about the greatness that befell this house; only 80 more games to consider how to bring the legacy of all those past Yankee greats into the new house.

If you want to lead people through change you have to be able to help them through the ceremony of ending and into the new beginning. There are so many ways to do this. You could throw a party to celebrate the end. You could have a wake. You could have t shirts made. Whatever you do we can move confidently into the future only when we have honored our past and helped others to join us in moving to the future.

I have often made fun of the trite leadership quote about if you want to see if you are a leader turn around and see if anyone is following… Remember that one? Well when it comes to leading people through change this quote is deadly serious and on point. You have to help people through change, lead them by the hand. Count down the lasts toward the firsts…

Go Jays End the Yankee’s winning streak! ;-)

Lead well


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