The Entrepreneurial Adventure

Leadership Coach goes Live
Week 1 was a blur.
It seemed that the world was full of possibilities. The days were winding down. The world (or at least my part of it) knew I was done. I had done it resigned as Plant Manager. Who does that they said? Who could leave a stable career role in a time of recession?
What great questions!!!
You see I have always beleived in integrrity of action and thought. How could I as a leadership and career coach have helped clients to find their own new adventure if I was unable or unwilling to follow my own. I had determined years prior that I had reached a point of diminishing returns. A cool economics term meaning that the incremental increase in learning I recieved for staying was not worth the investment (in this case my time). Life is short ladies and gentlemen, too short to spend in a role you don't find challenging or engaging.
It is fascinating for me as a coach to ask how does one approach such a process. For me it began with the clear understanding of my values, life purpose and goals. Next I began to acumulate external learning in the absence of career J O B learning. I completed an MSc in Leadership then an MBA then a Coaching accreditation. Along the way I was very intentional about building a business coaching people. I collaborated with a management consulting firm to achieve even more challenge and engagement. In the same time frame I gave willingly of my time in coaching those less fortunate in life skills training classes. All the while I was very intentional about building a network of like minded people, friends and colleagues. Before I knew it there were numerous entrepreneurs, authors and business owners in my network. It keeps expanding then and now. 
Somewhere early this year all the tension applied to the system, all the learning seeds planted and fertilized, all the external influence of business leaders germinated into a decision, a decision to leave.
So the decision was made, the decision was executed and here I sit an entrepreneur. 
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