The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Starting Out Well (Week 1 Part 2)

It was really strange to contemplate on Sunday afternoon what Monday would look like. I would wake up early on my first day of freedom and plan for a strategy day. A day where I could pray, reflect, center myself and get ready to act. Being a thoughtful and reflective guy this seemed the right starting point for the first official full time day of my new adventure.

Reality it seems had something different in store. I stared at an outlook calendar that was essentially full. From 6am through to 5pm my day was booked solid! How could this be I asked the tension rising. My first day was supposed to be different it was supposed to prepare me to leap not be a dive straight into the fire.

Day 1 was exactly that dive in the fire and dodge the flames. I was thinking on my feet making decisions I hadn’t made in years. It was exhilarating to be sure, the adrenaline rushed through me as did the stress of dealing with many unknowns. Too many unknowns I would suggest but then this is what I had longed for as I struggled to stay engaged in a J O B.

From the start of my full time adventure I had contracts in place. I wasn’t starting cold here having to build a clientele from the ground up. No my family wasn’t going to starve it wouldn’t be easy to be sure but the plan was / is solid and getting better by the day. Day 1 was a surprise but one that was manageable. At the end of the day sitting back almost shell shocked by what had transpired over the previous 14 hours I wondered aloud if this is what it meant to be an entrepreneur.


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