The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Still Trying to Start Well… (Week 1 Part 3)

The challenge of week 1 was multifaceted. Not only did i have to get comfortable with the ambiguity of not having a J O B but also with the uncertainty of managing cash flow at an intimate level, maintaining motivation in the face of adversity maintaining balance with family and fitness and on and on. 

In this post we have to talk about “the Decision”. It really does represent the crux of moving forward in this new world. 

Significant career decisions can be remarkably hard to make in the absence of good process. After all without process what are we left with? Chance, emotion, whim???

Can you imagine making a serious career decision on emotion of whim?! Seriously doing this is like walking off a cliff and expecting not to fall. Indiana Jones might have pulled that off in The Last Crusade (check out this cool Youtube video of the scene) but his step wasn’t emotional or whimsical, it was faith filled. My decision was a long time coming. In fact it took several years before I felt the pieces were in place to make the jump. 

If you are contemplating a resignation or other significant career decision I urge you to seek wise counsel. If you are not the type to know how to make significant decisions seek the help of a trusted friend who is or seek the help of a career coach who can objectively walk you through the process (I happen to know a good one ;). The implications of making a wise decision are far reaching. Not only will good process allow you to sleep at night 

For me actually making the decision to leave was instrumental in my emotional well being during week 1. In the moments of despair when I wasnt sure I could do everything I needed to complete I would draw upon the reserves of knowing that this was my choice, my decision my life. I found comfort in the fact that I was responsible for where I was. For me this was crucial, I need look no further than the mirror. A good friend of mine when hearing of my decision to leave commented, “I admire you I only wish I had the option to leave on my own terms”. She had been laid off mere weeks before. 

Regardless of the circumstances that led you to a place of leaving that J O B, you now have a choice. The choice is simple will you rise above your current circumstance and succeed or will you wallow in victimhood allowing the world to dictate your circumstance.

I have met far to many people who are merely bit players in the movie called their Life. They seem content to let the plot of their life be written by others and just allow life to happen to them. You need not accept such a choice. No, you can choose to be the lead actor in your life. You can write the plot. Could it be a thriller, an adventure novel, a romance? The decision truly is yours. Do not accept the potential tragedy that will be written should you not choose to decide. 

What will the plot of your story be? Will you write it?


In the next post we will explore the benefits of independence and entrepreneurialism

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