Time for a new Leadership Direction

Over the past 7 years Developing Leaders has provided it customers, friends and blog readers to a wealth of leadership development ideas, concepts and exercises. It has been a joy to do this as there is so much to say about leadership development.

I have been doing some serious thinking for a few years now about the site and its role in DL’s marketing efforts. Some of the challenges I want to address:

1. Visitors not engaging with us for their own development

2. Site visitors bouncing after a short visit

3. Mailing list members not interacting with provided content

4. People more interested in whether a leader is born or made, than learning how to lead

I have wondered now why this was the case and think I have found the root cause. I haven’t articulated the value Developing Leaders can provide clearly enough. As a result I believe people coming to the site do not find a clear reason to stay and learn how Developing Leaders can help them. So this needs to be addressed.

The time has come to look at a new direction.


First here is what we are really good at:

1. Helping new supervisors and managers perform in new positions

2. Helping leaders communicate effectively such that they get results

3. Helping Leaders learn how to keep change processes changed

4. Helping managers increase employee engagement

5. Helping organizational leaders solve problems and increase performance

6. Helping leaders develop and communicate purpose and vision

We do this through an intentional combination of training and coaching services. We work with individual clients to design and implement developmental solutions that are unique to you.

In the second half of 2014 we will launch a series of webinar training programs designed to address the challenges you face in leadership.

Living Front Line Leadership

First on the list is making the transition into leadership. Everyone promoted into leadership has struggled with how to navigate their new role. We are going to offer you timeless advice on how to do this with excellence. This webinar series will start in early August 2014. I am happy to offer you the opportunity to participate in this training at an introductory rate of $42US per webinar. To get this introductory rate you will have to contact me in the next 72 hours. After this the rate will go to its normal $99 rate. If you want to take advantage of this offer contact me now at info@developingleaders.co




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