Twitter: The Ultimate Leadership Sport?

How do you know you are a leader? Turn around and see if anyone is following you goes the old cliche.

Well as I looked at my twitter page I began to consider that Twitter just might be a great test of leadership. After all you search for those who you know already, find others who have common interests, communicate into the void meaningful points (hopefully) and see what happens. Somewhere along the way people decide to follow you. So as of writing this I have 87 people following my tweets. Yes a pretty small number on the scale of things but a decent number all the same.

The comparison stops here unfortunately because leadership is a contact sport and cannot be faked in a virtual space.

So then I consider the twitter sport of following and some interesting questions and thoughts come forth

* Whats up with the reciprocity?! I will follow you if you follow me. Seems a little juvenile

* How the heck does a guy like Glenn Beck get to 160,000 followers?

* How is it that people actively gain followers?

* When a friend gets too irritating I have taken to telling him that if he were on twitter I would unfollow him ;-)

Lead well


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