What Does a Leader look like?


Wouldn’t it be nice if every leader had some unmistakeable label, sign or other outward appearance that allowed us to recognize them at first sight? it would certainly save some time. after all we could get right to the heart of the matter and begin to follow in the right direction. I would think this would be most expedient.

Ya but that is not the way it works. Leaders look like us they are normal folks going about their business just like us, except…

There are ways to recognize them from the crowd. We just have to be a bit more aware.

Why does this matter? 

Well those of us learning how to lead can take a lesson in how we are perceived and what can be done to position ourselves to lead. This is not about manipulation. This is about being aware of ourselves and our behaviors.

So what does a leader look like? Over the next several posts we will discuss just that.

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