What Does a Leader look like? Decisive


Can you actually see “decisive” Ron?

Yes in a manner of speaking. To be correct decisive is not a behavior, it is a series of behaviors. Decisiveness involves all the same elements of confidence and at the same time an authoritative voice that says “we will go this way”.

This is a tricky thing to achieve as often leaders do not have all the necessary information to make the “best” decision.They will often lean on their own experience to fill in the blanks and decide which way to go. Fortunately most leaders have a sixth sense called vision. No I do not mean what we use our eyeballs for, I mean that they are constantly scanning the horizon taking in seemingly unconnected random bits of information and painting pictures of future scenarios. These scenarios are played out over the context of the team to see how they will work out. The scenarios that look to benefit the team most, or protect it from future harm float to the top of the leaders mind.

So a leader will take what relevant information they have, consider the scenarios they have been contemplating and make a decision that fits best for the team. When they do so they can instill confidence in their team. To do this they have to either unconsciously or consciously manage their voice pattern.

I learned a while ago that their are two basic voice patterns the “approachable” and the “credible”

Approachable is used in social settings, it is used to be open and engaging. It puts others at ease. Used well it is a leaders ally to gaining the relationships needed to be effective. The credible pattern is one that when heard people go “okay that is correct” At a decision point the credible pattern is the one needed. 

The leader will 

make solid eye contact 

have good upright posture

use a level even tone of voice

end statements by dropping their head and tone slightly  

This is what a leader looks like, decisive.

lead well

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