What is Leadership

I was searching through google keywords earlier and was surprised to see that a significant number of people still ask this fundamental question. I suppose that before you can get involved in leadership development, it might help to have a clue what leadership is in the first place. So

What is Leadership

There are so many right answers to this question. Why because at its core leadership is unique, it is situational, it is contextual. It is no less right to talk about military leadership, political leadership, educational leadership, business leadership, you get the picture. You have to pick a frame of reference. Regardless leadership has some core aspects. At the root a leader will help a group find and achieve a (new) reality or status, achieve a goal. There is some rallying point which followers decide to hitch their fate to the leaders.

I believe that at its core there is an aspect of change tied tightly to leadership. A leader helps us to move from our status quo to a new place. The benefits of the new place outweigh those of not moving. So we follow.

This sounds pretty drab, not very sexy. Well leadership is not always sexy. Often it is just a lot of hard work. Despite this it is fulfilling to those called to it.

I read an awesome verse about leadership the other day

to those who lead, with diligence

I love this!


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