Where have all the leaders gone?: A vision of an oil-less energy future

Where have all the leaders gone?

When you consider all the needs in our world you have to ask; where have all the leaders gone? When you see inflation running rampant at the gas pumps you have to ask; where have all the leaders gone? When you see a mortgage meltdown throughout America you have to ask where have all the leaders gone?

They are out there in their communities making a difference leading on a small scale all the things that happen in a community. They are teaching students at schools, they are coaching soccer teams, they are helping businesses turn a profit and non profits turn good deeds.

They are silent though; silent in the sense that our apoplectic media takes no notice of them. It is almost as if the old phrase “the strong silent type” is making an unexpected comeback.

Why can we not have a real leader step forward and take charge? Why can we not have someone step forth with a vision that will take our breath away? Where have they gone? Are we simply in a long term malaise? Is it possible that all the leaders are hibernating for the right day to awaken, a day of destiny?

Leadership is about personal attributes, learned skills and environmental factors. Maybe the environmental factors are not significant enough to nudge the right leader in the spot light.

I want to believe that the moment has just not yet come. I want to believe that when a real crisis hits there will be leaders worthy of their calling. No debacles or clusters of logistics, but real honest captivating leadership. I worry though that many would be leaders are not honing their trade. They are not investing in themselves. They will be unprepared when the call comes. Take the time and learn to lead. Take the time to challenge yourself to new depths of character, new heights of leadership. Never stop preparing.

Would it not be exciting to have a true political leader (excuse my oxymoron) better yet lets not call it that. Would it not be exciting to have a true statesman or woman step onto the political scene, one worthy of our founding fathers. I would love to see such a person captivate the American people with a vision of an energy revolution. To be free of foreign oil, to have renewable energy sources powering our world. That would be a vision worth getting up for, worth fighting for. Where has that leader gone?

Lead publicly well.


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